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Aaron Martinez


Hello. My name is Aaron Martinez, your local Real Estate Advisor. I was born and raised here in the Central Valley. I’ve had the pleasure of serving this community since 2008, at the age of 16, when I decided to enter the workforce. Since then, I have gained nearly 15 years of management experience and have worked over 10 years in the home improvement industry, which helped develop me. I believe these professional experiences have paved the way for my transition into the Real Estate Industry. The home improvement industry, along with becoming a first-time home buyer myself in the year 2016, created a deep personal desire to help the people in this community achieve their own dreams of becoming homeowners. Aside from the knowledge gained throughout my journey, I also have a team of trusted advisors with 20+ years of experience in the Real Estate Industry supporting my journey to help YOU love where you live! Please reach out with any questions, I’d love to be a part of you and/or your family’s goals of achieving your real estate dreams! I look forward to serving you, have a blessed day.


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